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Quantitative Methods in Production and Operations and Demand Forecasting
Production Demand Management, Aggregate Planning and Master Scheduling
Production Capacity Management and Operations Resource Requirements
Material Requirements Planning, Inventory Management and Production Control
Training Courses in Production Management:
The Production and Operations Management courses and workshops are especially designed for production and operating staff in industry organisations involved in the running and management of industry processes. The courses are based on the Academy's published training manuals which are grouped under the manual: 'Production and Operations Management in Industrial Processes', and include specific topics such as quantitative methods in production and operations management, production demand forecasting methods, aggregate planning and master scheduling, capacity management techniques, material requirements planning, just-in-time inventory, production activity control and production cost control, as well as inventory management and stores management methods.
What makes these courses unique is the combination of quantitative methods in production and operations management, such as simulation modelling and economic analysis, with production demand forecasting, aggregate planning, and capacity management, in a practical and hands-on approach to the running and management of industry production and operations processes. Material Requirements Planning (MRP1 and MRP2) is re-addressed from new perspectives on the structuring of the bill of material (BOM) and the bill of spares (BOS), and managing engineering changes to assets usage integrity.
The very informative inventory management course will teach course  delegates skills that can result in improving the service levels of assets while reducing the total investment in inventory. Delegates learn how to analyse and predict the investment in inventory required, while meeting specified service levels. Similarly, the practical stores and warehousing management course is a company essential.

Training Courses - Production Management